Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Stress in the workplace

For those of you who know me - you will know I take my job very seriously, to which sometimes can lead to stressful situations.

Stress is not a physical illness but can bring on physical symptoms - often those who are high achievers who are perfectionists find this happens to them! Does that sound like anyone you know?

I think sometimes I stop listening to my mind allowing myself to be pushed further and further through new challenges, where my body now actually has to control my head to stop me. Fascinating!

So my next challenge is to learn how to deal with these spells of stress.

Since finding out about the way I handle this and almost control things to a certain extent, I have met various people (mainly in the creative industries) who can relate to this. The true entrepreneurs who can't switch off before they go to sleep.

Is this because we have so many ideas and not enough time to action them that we simply cannot cope physically to get them out?

I really am intrigued to explore if anyone else suffers with similar patterns? What a genius the mind is - so powerful it can subconsciously make the body stop when you have had too much.

So my way of targeting this is to try CBT to see if that can help and to talk about it. I am an open book and I have nothing to be ashamed of, I am not mental but it is the way I have my own coping mechanisms! I wouldn't want to be any other way!

Saturday, 3 July 2010


Now this is why every one needs a good accountant! (You can see from my puzzled partner James's face it is always a good idea!)

My accountant managed to save me half of the predicted quote of my tax bill this year. I think thats amazing. As it is my first year in business, I have little experience with tax returns and how it all works.

I found that not only did my accountant help me with my taxes but he also provided me with great business advice. I used to think accountants just added up sums and helped you pay in your taxes but my opinion of an accountant has certainly changed.

My advice to anyone is to find a company that has been well recommended - has good knowledge of their industry and can provide a quote for the year so you know how much you have to pay. My accountant even filed in my companies house certificate and helped me to set up my company.

I think for anyone to do it themselves is a task and a half, when you are busy trying to run a successful business I cant really see ou having much time to worry about your finaces.

I guess everyone is different but I would go with an accountant everytime!

Friday, 2 July 2010

Team Work and Leadership

I have to say it makes it easier to have your own business when you have a great team behind you!

There is a lot of Team Work involved in my business and I have lots of people to thank for that.

My designer Andrew is like my back bone - of late I dont know what I would have done without him. Not only is he my freelance designer and someone to vent to about mis behaving clients but he is also a great friend.

We worked together in a past job and when we started to work together for Apparition it was just so natural!

I also have my boyfriend James who works beside me handling all of my finacial matters. We are a team not only out of work but in work.

So it made me realise how important it not only is to have a team but to have great leadershp skills. But sometimes it is not easy when working along side family and friends to lead them.

I guess that is a skill I will continue to learn!