Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Apparition launches Apparition Music Promotions...

So... I have been very busy again and would like to announce the launch of my third business, Apparition Music Promotions.

The idea came from my younger brother JDucker who is a musician based in Suffolk. I felt there were not enough local companies out there supporting our local talent so Apparition Music Promotions was born.

Along with my Creative Agency Apparition Marketing and Design and Time2Shine (mentoring young people and start up businesses) - but now I am delighted to add something else to that list...

This week we are launching 'Apparition Music Promotions,' is a small promotions agency helping and supporting up and coming talent from across the UK.

The website is now live check it out here > Music Promotions Suffolk.

Saturday, 16 July 2011

Don't forget whats important...

It is funny how every day you have your routines. Mine at the moment is get up - make the bed - clean the house then start work and I will stay there until I am finished.

The sad thing is sometimes when we get into this routine we can start to forget the great things we have around us, our family, friends or the things that we already have.

Today it is a Saturday and even though I shouldn't be working I am, which is bad. So I thought I would end my mini extra hour work morning to say thank you to the ones that I love.

To James for putting up with me!

To Archie for keeping me grounded!
To my mum, dad and brother Jay for always being there!  

And to my extended family!

Esther Ling Photography

Is anyone in need of some new photography?... Well we know just the person!

A few weeks ago I had Esther Ling round to take some shoots for a new website we were working on.

Esther is an expert in wedding and portrait commissions within the UK and Internationally. After looking at some of Esther Ling's Wedding Photography I was so impressed with her work, I had to request her services!

It was about time I had some photos done for my new website found at

Esther captured the exact image I was looking for and I was extremely impressed with the results.

Her approach is Intuitive, spontaneous, informal and I can confirm this is the person that I took my photos.

Check out a few of the shoots below:

 Thanks very much Esther!

The Anglian Business Awards

Terry Hunt, my editor at EADT (Archant)

We had a fabulous night last week at the Anglian Business Awards.

It was a very smooth running evening with great Adnams Champagne, a guest speaker John Humphries from BBC radio four, who was very funny plus amazing food from trainees at Milsoms.

To see Archant put on such a wonderful event I felt very proud of my association with the EADT newspaper paper.

As some of you may know our Suffolk Creative Agency Apparition Marketing and Design were up for the best start-up business of the year along with my good friend Hayley Sparkes and Together Property also based in Bury.

Hayley and I decided to put on a united front and we went to the event together along with our partners Craig and James. In a professional way we agreed to be happy for who ever won and if it was one of the two of us it would be a win win!

Rachel and Hayley finalists for the start-up business award

Sadly we were not successful this time, however I am very proud to announce that Gorgeous Star PR set up by Hayley won the award.

Gorgeous Star PR announced as winner!

I first met Hayley she worked for SK spa in Bury St Edmunds, she really wanted to set up her own business and I said well why don't you?

So I referred Hayley to my accountant who helped her to set up the business and donated her a website. This was enough to get her up and running and the rest was down to her! She has a great way with people which is what judges commented on during the awards.

Also during the night I bumped into a few good friends of mine, my good friend Esther Ling who is an amazing wedding photographer in Suffolk, along with her husband Ed Ling (who most of you may know! I swear he is Mr Facebook!)

Rachel with Esther Ling

Rachel with Ed Ling

And lastly the end of the night ended with a catch up with my good friend (head of the IOD and Ipswich building society) Paul Winter who was shortlisted for business person of the year award.

Rachel with Paul Winter

Another highlight was meeting those Crafty boys and girls from Crafted Media, who very kindly poured me one more glass of champagne (that I probably shouldn't have had) to celebrate their success of winning best small business. Which is great for the design industry in the area! Well done guys and ps. Tom I am on to you!

Two of the Crafted Media team!