Thursday, 28 April 2011

Fame comes again...

So yesterday was a very surreal day for me as I was invited back on Channel 5's "The Vanessa Show" this time not as a Sofa Surfer but as a main guest on the panel with Vanessa herself.

The topic was 'do you have to be tough as a woman in business and life'?

My answer to that was no.

I do not believe you have to be aggressive or bitchy to get to where you want d well in either. I live by the rule of treat people how you want to be treated. I think in business you can have a silent power. As Ben mentions on the show sometimes saying nothing is more powerful. Perhaps in some businesses you do have to be strong but there can be a nice way of doing this.

Along side me was editor of Real People magazine Samm Taylor. She had some great points and for her personally she felt she had to be tough as a woman in her industry.

Although this opposes my view I dont think there is a right or wrong answer - just a matter of preference and for me I can walk with my head held high knowing I have been a nice person.

Vanessa mentioned the fact I could be naive, which is a common stereotype for "nice people" however I disagree and thing this is a strength in itself as you can create lasting relationships in work and social life. After all without relationships and collaboration what are we working for?

The day was a whirlwind I have to say the most daunting part for me was having my make up done in Vanessa's make up room next to her! She was very nice and I joked 'You will be gentle with me on air!'

Vanessa's husband Ben was there, who I have been in touch with regularly and would love to say has become a friend of mine. He is very supportive and I love his songs from the Phats and Small days!

I was also lucky enough to meet some lovely celebrities.

Jenny Eclair is a famous Comedian and Star of ITV's 'Celebrity Get Me Out of Here'. In the Green room we had a bit of a chat and all helped her with her crossword (though I think I was the least helpful!) A very down to earth woman despite reputation.

After the show I also met ex UB40 star Ali Campbell, again another wonderful person. Not only does he have a voice that is kind on the ears but a kind heart, he gave me a signed copy of his new album "Great British Songs" which I highly recommend.

Adding to that list was a truly inspirational women, Katie Hopkins (from BBCs The Apprentice.) We chatted for quite some time about business, future growth and I can honestly say she is one switched on woman, someone who I hope I can aspire to one day and I wish her all the luck in the world (not that she needs it.)

Lastly the one we all know as Victor, Star of Big Brother and Celebrity Big Brother. I have to say when you see him of TV you would think he might be quite intimidating, with his slick attitude and cool style, but a real sweetheart and someone who I know hope to be working with in the future.

So not often can I say I spent the afternoon with a room full of lovely celebrities and had one of the best afternoons of my life! *Starstruck!*

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