Thursday, 27 May 2010

Holiday... release or burden?

In exactly one week I will be on my way to Zante a little Greek Island full of fun things to do in the hot sunny weather. I have to say I cannot wait another minute to get on that plane.

But me being me, I am worried about leaving the business! My business is like my baby, it needs constant care and attention at this early stage being just over one year old.

Whilst I know I really need a holiday for my own sanity, as it is the only place I can switch off (mainly as you can't use your phone abroad and I tend to keep my switched off) there is still a part of me that is thinking, what if theres a problem with a client? who will get further work in? do I need to be here?

So this week I am stressing to get all of my jobs done, invoices out and make sure everyone has enough notice that I won't be around.

In fact my week is so busy next week,  I have to pack over the weekend! My schedule next week is based in Halesworth (Monday to Wednesday is full) - I even have a presentation to give to 150 businesswomen on Tuesday evening plus the two meetings I have on the Wednesday evening before I then go back to Bury St Edmunds where I live to catch a plane 7am Thursday morning.

It usually takes me a couple of days to switch off while relaxing in the sun, my entrepreneur mind is still guarenteed to keep on ticking, but the thought of seven days in the sun should help a little!

Actually I think reading the above I have just justified my holiday! Bring it on!

Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Working and friendships...

OK, so you can see from my lack of posting, my business has dominated once again! I really love what I do but it makes time fly so quickly.

Since being in business my life has changed.

One certain area I have noticed is my friends. I have now realised that most of the friends I have actually are those who either work in high powered jobs or have their own businesses.

This is not because I chose my friends in this way, but more due to the fact that they understand the pressures and commitments I have to adhere to, in order to run a successful business.

For example, if I can't make a lunch date because of work commitments it is more likely a friend in a similar situation would understand, where as a friend who doesn't actually have a long term job just wouldn't be very reasonable... and this has happened many a time.

I have two great friends (the girls) featured in the above photo Hayley and Caroline. Hayley has her own business and is due to start a second business with me later on in the year and Caroline has a very high powered job working for Dawson Energy who send out engineers to the wind turbines offshore. Both are dear friends to me and share my passion for business.

Since winning my award I have had some trouble with relationships, whether it is jealously or mis-understanding - I don't know. But should you really have to pay the price for being successful?

I would like to thank all of my true friends for sticking by me, as it means a lot though the hard times and the fun ones! 

Let me know you thoughts...