Tuesday, 29 June 2010

The holiday blues!

Well I am pleased to report I have an amazing holiday in Zante. I managed to switch off, have fun and got an amazing sun tan (which is now fading.)

Coming back to reality after having such a wonderful time is never easy. But why is that? Are our day to day lives so stressful that we have to go miles out of the country to switch off?

My answer is yes... I found that on my holiday I could just be my bare self. I didn't have to be the businesswoman, the house keeper, the cook, the girl that always wants to please everyone. I just kicked back and let whoever was at that hotel with me just see me.

Normally I am one for strict routine - I am a control freak I know... I guess on holiday you develop your own holiday routine.

The favourite part of my day was coming in from the sun - getting ready and dressed up for the evening, then James and I would sit down for dinner and he would collect our starter of olives, bread and Greek dip from the buffet. Simple things!

I also loved my 12pm pilates class and the 4pm match of volleyball to break up laying by the pool all day. 

The holiday routine is so much more fun than the day to day routine. Perhaps this is what makes a holiday special as for one week out of many you don't have to worry about anything except where you are at that present time.

So coming back to it - the entrepreneur brain is back in action and I am back running my busy business. Though my holiday blues are cold on my feet!