Friday, 22 June 2012

Where is the year going?

Oh my gosh we are now in June! This is madness.

Still I cannot complain about another busy year in business.

So whats been going on around here? Well I shall tell you...

* I have relaunched both the Apparition and Time2Shine websites, I now feel uber confident went people visit them.

* I took a little holiday to the Dominican Republic in February, it was a much needed break but I wanted to go away again as soon as I got home.

* I am still writing bits and pieces of editorial for a few national magazines.

* Recently finished 12 weeks of being BBC Suffolk's official Apprentice Guru with Mark Murphy.

* I am filming an audition in the last round of 'Come Dine With Me' next week I am very excited as its my favourite programme and I have got to the final stages!

* My personal life has not been easy lately however I am coping :)

* Archie is growing up fast, he has turned into a lovely little fella.

* I am really enjoying time with my friends when I am not working.

Thats about it really.

Saturday, 4 February 2012

2012 Update!

Its been a busy start to the year for me, after a wonderful family Christmas at home!

With so much work coming in and out since January hit, favors for friends, and involvement with local good causes, my time has been a little bit precious. I have even had to turn a lot of new clients away! Hence it being a while since I last posted!

I am really enjoying working with a local community project called 'Growing Well' basically a few of the members from our street got together before Christmas and decided to start a group.

It has been great as we have all made new friends, and by summer our street will look fabulous.

I have decided to try and take a break from awards for a while (if my dear clients will stop nominating me) as I really want to focus on the business.

We are still getting very regular work from UCL which is great and they are a pleasure to work for. A few new opportunities are also in the pipeline so stay tuned.

James and I had a nice long weekend in Devon last week, we had a great time getting muddy on the farm with his family. Archie was in his element as you can see from the photo below!

Still I feel 2012 is going to be a successful year! More updates soon!